Cold Beverages

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Coca Cola Bottle 3x1.25 Litres -- كوكو كولا علبة 3*1.25لتر

QR 12.00
100% Refreshment drink Enjoy a crisp, delicious taste with meals, on the go, or to share Ideal accom..

Coca-Cola Regular Can 150 ml -- كوكو -كولا عادي علبة 150مل

QR 2.00
100% Refreshment drink Free from gluten, dairy, nut and preservatives Best serve when chilled and ga..

Code Red Energy Drink 250ml

QR 6.00
Code Red Energy Drink 250ml..
20% OFF

Dandy Guava Juice Pet 1.5Litre

QR 8.00
QR 10.00 20% OFF

EFES Non Alcoholic Drink Classic 330ml

QR 4.00
EFES Non Alcoholic Drink Classic 330ml..

MIRINDA DRINKS STRAWBERRY CAN 330ml -- مارندا علبة شراب فراولة 330مل

QR 2.50
Mirinda Strawberry is the perfect strawberry flavoured drink as it has the perfect balance of sweet ..

Pepsi Pet 2.25Ltr + Mountain Dew 1.75Ltr

QR 10.00
Pepsi Pet 2.25Ltr + Mountain Dew 1.75Ltr..

Pocari Sweat Isotonic Drink 500ml

QR 4.50
Pocari Sweat Isotonic Drink 500ml..

Royal Tiger Energy Drink 250ml -- رويل تيجير شراب طاقة 250مل

QR 3.25
A consumer drinks a Royal Tiger brand energy drink. The Globe Soft Drinks’ Royal Tiger is currently ..

Sprite Pet 1.25Ltr -- سبرايت مشروب عبوة 1.25 لتر

QR 4.50
Sprite Pet 1.25Ltr Soft Drink - Refreshing Same taste in different bottles Carbonated Water, Sugar, ..

V-Soy Golden Grain Soy Milk 1Litre -- في-سوي جولدين حبوب سوي حليب1لتر

QR 9.50
Soy milk with oats & almonds Cholesterol free,high in vitamin B12 Source of protein,vitamin A & D..

Vimto Fruit Cordial 710 ml -- فيمتو فواكه كورديال 710مل

QR 14.00
A delicious and concentrated juice with a fruity taste Can be diluted with water or soda to make a r..
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